Maintenance, overhaul and repair of marine engines - since 1966, this has been the core business of Gebr. Klene Schiffsmotoren- und Reparaturwerkstatt GmbH (Klene Bros. Marine Engine and Repair Works Ltd.). With five of our own ship berths directly adjacent to the works in Haren on the river Ems, 25 experienced personnel who know their trade, modern facilities, great flexibility and worldwide on-site service, Klene is a much sought-after partner in inland-waterway and maritime transport.

Wherever we work, whether it’s in Haren on the Ems, or elsewhere in Germany, in Europe or around the world, the Klene promise is this: we'll keep your engine in working order!

Full service for your ship.

Overhaul of marine engine.

Reparaturen von Schiffsmotoren können bei Klene direkt am Schiffsanleger durchgeführt werden.

Die Klene Schiffsmotoren-Werkstatt liegt direkt im Harener Hafen an der Ems.