Master Mechanic Johann Klene laid the foundations for the current business in 1966 with the formation of Johann Klene GmbH & Co. KG.

He retired from active business operations in 1971 and transferred the management of the company to his sons Gerhard, Wilhelm, Heinz and Johannes Klene.

Today, Gebr. Klene Schiffsmotoren- und Reparaturwerkstatt GmbH is managed by the 3rd generation of Hans, Thomas and Udo Klene. They are supported by 25 employees who can draw on many years of career experience.

Sea trial in the fifties.

Overhaul, 1990.

Johann Klene, der Gründer der Klene Schiffsmotoren-Werkstatt

Die Klene Schiffsmotoren-Werkstatt wurde 1966 gegründet.