The Klene marine engine works is situated right in the port of Haren on the river Ems. Repairs can be carried out at our own berths, which have space for five inland-waterway vessels. The location in the port offers a great advantage: short, fast routes ensure that repairs are carried out rapidly.


The range of services includes:

  • Supplying and installing new propulsion engines, bow thruster engines and auxiliary power units
  • Overhauling marine diesel engines
  • Overhauling pumps and compressors
  • Planning and installation of new cooling systems for marine diesel engines
  • All types of mechanical and pipe-installation work

Overhaul of marine engine.

At the fitting shop

Klene Schiffsmotoren-Werkstatt in Haren (Ems)

Blick in eine der Hallen der Klene Schiffsmotoren-Werkstatt in Haren (Ems).